Statement on Inquirer reporter’s tweets

“Never let a good crisis go to waste.” – Winston Churchill

I call out Mr. Marlon Ramos of the Philippine Daily Inquirer for his irresponsible & unethical tweet, wherein he twisted a statement I made during this morning’s Senate Committee on Health hearing.

During my manifestation, I was explaining how urgent the health bills I filed were and was giving context by saying that historically, health infrastructure and health needs were not prioritized. But this time of COVID-19 opened people’s eyes and gave us the opportunity to use the crisis to improve our healthcare system.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand my statement. But someone with a malicious mind like Mr. Ramos chose to use my words and give it a different meaning. Perhaps the Inquirer reporter did not bother to listen to my manifestation – which wasn’t even that long – or read the transcript, wherein I was referring to the improvement of healthcare, as attached to this post.

Clearly he chose to maliciously twist the sense of my manifestation, when he tweeted that I “welcome” the negative impacts of the pandemic on our economy, as well as on Filipinos’ lives. Who in their right mind would wish this upon anyone?

Years ago, I lost a child due to a genetic condition that he had since birth. I chose to cope with his death by helping other children in need. I ran and biked to raise funds for these kids. Despite the pain, I gave thanks to God and welcomed that time in my life because it brought so much good. Does it mean I’m happy I lost my son? Of course not.

It saddens me and at the same time outrages me that a reporter would choose to twist words to confuse people and impute malice on a statement urging support for better health infrastructure all over the country. I trust that the intelligent Filipinos know better than to give value to his twisted words.

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