Active mobility, sustainable transport modes pushed 

Senator Pia wants a comprehensive plan to develop and integrate sustainable transportation systems in the country

Pia seeks budget anchored on programs promoting SDGs 

Senator Pia urges NEDA to come up with specific budgetary targets anchored on achieving the country’s Sustainable Development Goals

Key gov’t agencies back Sustainable Cities bill 

DepEd, DILG, DHSUD express support to Sen. PIa Cayetano’s Sustainable Communities Bill

Strategic foresight needed for future of education 

Planning for the future of education indeed requires years of preparation and consultations with experts.

Lay down plans for blended learning in far-flung areas 

“I’ve been to barangays in the mountains that are not accessible to cars. Yung kaisa-isa o dalawang teacher sa barangay, kahalubilo naman nila ang mga estudyante because [their community is] isolated.”

Nat’l Academy of Sports: Dream comes true for Filipino athletes 

We have so much talent all over the country, but for many student-athletes, it has always been a choice – to study or to train. Now they can have both!

Senators cross party-lines to back Pia’s Safe Pathways Act 

On World Bicycle Day, senators crossed party-lines to support Senator Pia S. Cayetano’s ‘Safe Pathways Act’ (SBN 1582).

Pia pushes for ‘safe pathways’ for bikers on World Bicycle Day 

Let us seize the moment and institutionalize policy changes that will leave our children with cleaner air [and] a healthier future with bike lanes, pedestrian lanes, and emergency pathways.

Pia: Now is the best time to pass the Safe Pathways Act 

On World Bicycle Day, Sen. Pia Cayetano sponsors the Safe Pathways Act which will create a network of pop-up bike lanes for essential workers amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Make ‘bayanihan’ work to revolutionize PH education for our youth 

I support the initiatives, and at the same time, challenge DepEd to make the most of these challenging times and really revolutionize education for our youth.