Pia welcomes President’s certification of sin tax bill (SB 1074) as urgent 

“A vote for Sin Tax is a vote for our people’s health!” – Senator Pia S. Cayetano to fellow senators, following the President’s certification of SB 1074 as urgent

Pia: Higher sin taxes to make alcohol less accessible to the youth 

“What we want to achieve is [to significantly raise alcohol prices] so that these are not so accessible to the most vulnerable: the children and youth.” 

Pia gears up for daily debates on Sin Tax 

“I am ready and I will make myself available every day in my effort to get this bill approved as soon as possible.”

More than revenues, Sin Tax is about changing lives – Pia 

If we want taxation to be part of a comprehensive package, then it should be a meaningful kind of taxation. Not the kind of taxation na, “sige na para lang masabing meron.”

Tito Nene fought for things we take for granted today 

Honorable Nene Pimentel was great in the big ways and marvelous in the small ways that made him human and beloved to those of us whose lives he touched.

Pia: PH vision should ensure care for people’s eyesight 

On World Sight Day, Senator Pia Cayetano stressed the need to protect the eyesight of all Filipinos – from young children to senior citizens.

Pia vows to increase funding for ‘Last Mile’ Schools 

Senator Pia S. Cayetano has vowed to increase from P1.5 billion to P15 billion the funding allocation for the Department of Education’s (DepEd) Last Mile Schools (LMS) Program in next year’s proposed P4.1-trillion national government budget.  Cayetano, the Senate Finance Committee vice chair, said the tenfold increase will benefit 830 Last Mile Schools located in … Continue reading News

Raising teachers’ pay to help affirm dignity of teaching 

Senator Pia S. Cayetano today said raising the compensation of teachers is the best affirmation of government’s high regard for the country’s educators and their contributions to nation-building.  The senator issued the statement in time for National Teachers’ Day, which is being observed on October 5 (Saturday). A staunch education advocate, Cayetano authored Senate Bill … Continue reading News

Pia: Congress has jurisdiction to tax e-cigarettes 

Amid rising concerns in many countries about the health risks of electronic cigarettes and vapes, Senator Pia S. Cayetano reiterated that Congress has the jurisdiction to impose higher taxes on these products as a means to regulate their use.   The chairperson of the Senate Committee on Ways and Means, Cayetano made the assertion at … Continue reading News

Pia: Let’s build a nation of winners! 

Co-sponsorship speech of Senator Pia S. Cayetano on Senate Bill No. 1086, establishing a Philippine High School for Sports Mr. President, This is a happy day for me because I drafted and filed this bill 9 years ago. I was so much younger then and ran so much faster. But so did the presiding officer.  … Continue reading News